Lyoness Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

The company Lyoness has many people asking questions. With so much information there are many mixed reviews. Here there is information that will help each person make an informed decision about their involvement in the company.

Lyoness was developed by CEO Howard Fried who began his company in 2003. From Australia, the company spread like wild fire all over Europe and finally to the United States. In fact, things have gone so well for this company that the last six months have seen a growth rate of 43%.

This company has a wide variety of products. To list a few of their offerings there are games, books clothing, electronics, groceries, movies, music, pet items, garden products and automotive offerings. Products are available from close to 50,000 merchants making Lyoness nearly unbeatable when it comes to selection in product choices and prices (which are competitive). In addition to the high number of merchants, the member list has hit 4,500,000. This is an impressive number of involved patrons and speaks to the legitimacy of Lyoness as a whole.

In addition to being a large company offering many items from many merchants, Lyoness has what is called a child and family foundation. This is a charity organization helps with the educational needs of those who need help having a better chance at a successful future. Their second charity is the Greenfinity Foundation.

The Greenfinity Foundation, developed in 2011, was invented to help boost goal for sustainable environmental protection. They are involved in projects dealing with protecting the climate as well as investing in renewable energy to keep the earth healthy for future generations.

This is a company that is cash back meaning all the purchases people make online earn them cash back percentages for each item. Shopping on Lyoness can only be done through their marketing memberships but what is that all about?

Each purchase that a person makes will earn them up to 2% cash back. A total of $20 must  be accrued before withdrawal is allowed. This is the simple part of things. The business side can be a bit more complex.

The business part of Lyoness is actually an MLM scheme. People earn  commissions when they sponsor others into the company. They offer a compensation plan that is boasted to be the best of its kind  but the big question is whether the scheme is a scam or legit.

All signs point to Lyoness not being a scam. Being in business since 2003, it stands to reason that if it were not legit it would not have survived this long. However, scam or not there are pros and cons to the company and its MLM practice.

The first thing to understand is that there truly is money that can be made through this opportunity. The right people can do quite well with it. When it comes to the cash back part things could not go better and they pay right on time. The business end is  different story though.

It sounds as if it would be a simple gig. Each person sponsors others and get paid for doing so. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It can be for the right person but it is not for everyone. On average, each person only sponsors 2 people into their part of the business. What this means is that it is not possible to make any sort of profit aside from pocket change. So, what is the point?

If someone is serious about making a good income from this though, they have to be willing and dedicated. They must also be ready to spend money on the tools of training and education. If they are willing to this then there is a better chance of actually earning an income from Lyoness though their business sector.

Becoming a member of Lyoness is free, but getting in on the business level requires $3000 towards future purchases. Once this is paid you receive commissions from all others brought on board to the business. From there a commission is received for each and this is how the money is made. The money is not just for purchases but is also an investment.

Overall, Lyoness is a quality company that can benefit the right person as long as they are willing to put in the effort to make it work. And if the business aspect is not something someone feels that they can do, the cash back program is definitely worth getting involved in.

Plexus Slim Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Plexus Slim Australia

Plexus Slim is a well known network marketing company that has been making strides in Australia as of late. Their opportunity looks great on the outside, but one should be careful to jump in right away.

Plexus Slim Review

There is A TON of scrutiny surrounding network marketing companies, and it is a good thing too. Do they really pay? If their products are so great, why are they not promoted in stores? If people really CAN make a great living spreading the word, how come there are so many bad reviews? These are great questions that need to be answered before enlisting as a distributor. Plexus Slim understands that and makes it easy for prospective business partners to find what they are looking for. Does that make them legitimate or is it part of a pocket reaching ploy?

What Plexus Slim Do?

There is no doubt that Plexus Slim is popular. That does not necessarily mean that they are a great fit for independent business owners. They receive over 200,000 visitors to their website a month and are selling even more than that many units every year. So do most companies in the wellness industry though. So what makes their products stand out?

Plexus Slim Products

Plexus Slim offers the kind of products that appeal to multiple markets. Their on the go protein shakes grasps the attention of muscle builders and fitness fiends while simultaneously attracting people with certain health issues. The minerals and nutrients added in each of their products are made to heal and promote the strengthening of vital body systems. They offer a ‘slimming’ version of the shake and body cream that accomplishes the same. So far, it looks like a product seen before, and it might be difficult to stand out from the thousands of similar products available on the Australian market today.

To learn more about Plexus Slim and their products, digging deeper is the way to go. Great products can act as a mask for the business opportunity of distributors. Hearing from current and past distributors will clear things up. Here are some of the good and bad that Plexus Slim independents have shared.

Plexus Slim Pros

  • The company is fairly new to the industry (2011) giving the opportunity to jump into a fast paced and quickly growing business.
  • The world is quickly becoming more health conscious and Plexus Slim has found away to appeal to everyone.
  • The management team is very hands on and does all that they can to ensure a distributor’s success.
  • Most independent business owners have seen a VERY quick return on their investment and start seeing residual income from early stages.
  • The compensation plan can deliver up to 25% of total sales.

Plexus Slim Cons

  • The products they offer are not FDA approved in the United States. In Australia, they are followed with interest by the Department of Primary Industry. They are not illegal though..
  • Their compensation plan seems to be geared towards the ‘high level’ recruiter. Meaning that exponential growth does not occur until team has reached a dramatic volume.
  • The average person sponsors less than two people. So either they do not believe in the product or somewhere distributor’s are giving up.
  • Commission is not earned until a required sales goal is met.
  • The largest portion of a distributor’s income is generated from referral packages that start at $250 AUD.

It is a bit tricky, but Plexus Slim pushes particular packages on their distributors. When teams are not selling those packages, compensation drops drastically. Like a lot of multi level marketing companies, the real money does not come without investing  a lot of time and energy into the business. This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Without the energy, passion for the product, and drive to succeed one might easily fall on their back trying to make this work.

Plexus Slim Scam

Is it a scam? No. Is it the best MLM option out there? No, but it is up there. Network marketing companies are never flawless and are always weighted benefit management. Plexus Slim does a great job finding a balance between the two by providing quality at a decent price so that distributor’s can earn decent money recruiting. There are a lot of bad reviews on Plexus Slim, but looking closely, they mostly come from competitors. The company offers quality that generates its own recruiters so that early distributors can reap the benefits of residual income.

Usana Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Usana Australia

Multi level marketing companies like Usana are gaining ground in Australia quickly. To the casual observer, opportunities like these seem great since you do not need to come up with or develop your own product to sell, which can be a hassle and the bane of many an aspiring entrepreneur. It is natural to wonder about Usana and similar opportunities, and wanting to find out if this kind of thing could change one’s life. The offer looks tempting enough.

Do not jump in without doing any due diligence though. There is a reason why multi level marketing companies do not always have the best reputation. When diving head first into a multi level marketing career, finding an honest company that pays well and cares about its distributors can be difficult. A big number of businesses that use the model have received a bad reputation because so many startups will take advantage of buyers and sellers. When new companies pop up and disappear with money, even the legitimate operations suffer. Usana does its best to radiate positivity and a human purpose. Are they just another network marketing scam or are they the real deal?

Usana Review

Most doctors have a heart dedicated the ridding the world of illness, disease, and creating healthier lives. Dr. Myron Wentz, the man behind Usana, relates most health problems to lack of nutrition. Before launching his products in 1992, Wentz was a disease specialist for three hospitals. He left because he wanted to change the world in different ways, through Usana.

Usana Products

Usana’s products are incredibly diverse. They offer vitamins, antioxidants, and several nutrition boosting minerals. Because Dr. Wentz is so adamant about improving health in every way though, they also created protein shakes, meal replacements, skin products, and even shampoo! It sounds great but the products carry a VERY large price tag. Usana knows this though so they give their distributors a custom opportunity to earn a living. Sounds great, but it surely pays researching more to really get to know some of the positive and negative aspects of what this company is offering.

Usana Pros

  • Their custom compensation plan allows distributors to create their own price and control how much money they will earn on each sale.
  • Group leaders have the opportunity to earn up to 20% of the commission that their team accumulates.
  • They are currently paying out over $1,500,000 AUD every quarter.
  • They allow the sale of their products online and through venues that other MLM companies don’t traditionally restrict.
  • Their research team is constantly looking for new innovative products that only result in endless business.

Usana Cons

  • They don’t provide the usual marketing tools to distributors.
  • They expect independent business owners to represent themselves and acquire the skills needed to succeed instead of teaching.
  • It is VERY expensive to start up and the price is ultimately decided by the referring party.
  • Products are very expensive and eliminate a large portion of the target market making it more difficult to find satisfied buyers.
  • Similar products can be found cheaper.

There is a lot of good that can be found in the Usana compensation plan. Essentially you make what you are worth to the buyer. The products they promote are fantastic and innovative but come with a price tag most people will laugh at. Like most networking opportunities, the big bucks lay in recruiting and it can definitely be difficult to recruiter a team when they view the suggested retail prices. It makes it obvious, too, who the real winner is in this particular setup. Usana themselves do not have to lift a finger to expand their distributor base, and the sales will keep on coming in even if it is only new distributors buying their packages. This, however, is how all of the multi level marketing businesses work, so for confident sales people who like the product, it is a good opportunity.

Usana Pyramid Scheme Warning

Is Usana a scam? No. Is there a lot of money to be made? Maybe. Usana can often be referred to as the Usana pyramid scheme. True, success does seem to follow those people that have a salesperson mentality, but this does not mean that it’s an illegal pyramid scheme. They do not teach distributors to become great sales people though, so weight this up before you get started. The product is definitely valuable but it will cost a pretty penny to join the Usana team. Motivated, sales driven individuals will find this opportunity challenging and the rewards tremendous.

Kyani Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

When looking for network marketing opportunities in Australia, chances are that Kyani is one of the names one comes across. Their offer looks plausible and is marketed well, but as with all business opportunities, it pays to do more research into the details of what Kyani provides to distributors. Some network marketing companies look good on the surface, but end up being a complete scam where only the people that get in first ever stand a chance to make any money.

Kyani Scam Warning

Is Kyani a Scam?

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” Mark Zuckerberg, the name behind Facebook, is known for proving this. Kyani follows the same idea but offers individuals the opportunity to earn a living through the promotion of their product range. Like any network marketing business model, there are some risks and potential for significant financial rewards.

Kyani is not a scam.

One school of thought in the network marketing industry, of which Kyani is very much a part of, is that their compensation plans only benefit the top level sellers, but every now and then a legitimate chance at an independent career arises. So are the early Kyani distributors taking money from newbie and blindsighted distributors or is this a real opportunity to make some serious cash?

Kyani creates products in the wellness industry that use all-natural ingredients to promote healthier living. They have a dedicated team of researchers that spend their days studying the effects of natural minerals on the body. All experimental healthy businesses are doing their best to tackle the things that harm aging bodies. Kyani is no different and uses ingredients in their products that have been known to fight cancer, eliminate body and arthritis pain, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and give healthy energy boosts. Sounds great right? Let’s dive a little deeper.

Kyani Products Review – Do Kyani Products Work?

The health industry is now seeing a rise in nutritional supplements and it can be hard to choose among the many.  Kyani is one of the more recent brands that has been gaining attention and is showing much potential.  Specializing in health products, Kyani was established in 2005 and they distribute their products through multi-level marketing as we covered above.  This company aims to improve health and at the same time enhance people’s way of life.  Although Kyani supplements do not claim to have therapeutic effects and are not an alternative to prescription medication, many people have recommended Kyani because of their positive effects on the body.  Here are the three best selling health products from Kyani:

Kyani Sunrise

Kyani Sunrise is meant to provide maximum energy throughout the day.  Because of the many powerful plant-based ingredients in this supplement, it brings all the benefits of antioxidants.  Chief among these is the wild Alaskan blueberry and this type of blueberry is even more potent as an antioxidant than the regular blueberry.  Other ingredients found in this supplement are pomegranate, raspberry, amla berry and ginseng, all fruits that are packed with vitamins and minerals.  With this supplement, you receive a good dose of vitamin C, folate, the B vitamins and taurine, and this aids your body in managing stress, strengthening immunity, improving cardiovascular health and promoting mental alertness.  Kyani Sunrise is available as a liquid in 30 ounces, and you should drink one ounce of this before your first meal either directly or taken together with water or fruit juice.

Kyani Sunset

Best taken in the evenings, Kyani Sunset has a host of benefits.  It can keep blood sugar levels stable, fortify the immune system, improve cognition and mental awareness, strengthen the heart, and lessen inflammation.  This supplement is also a great aid to weight loss since it helps curb your appetite at night.  It’s rich in healthy fish oils and Omega 3, which is extracted from the wild Alaskan salmon, one of the top sources of essential fatty acids. It’s high in vitamin D as well, along with vitamin E and beta-carotene.  Kyani Sunset is in soft gel form, with one bottle containing 90 gel capsules.  For maximum results, you will need to consume three capsules after your evening meal.

Kyani Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme

The nutrients in Kyani Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme are derived from the noni fruit, which is exceptionally high in nitrate.  Our body converts nitrate to nitric oxide and strengthens the body in many ways.  Kyani Nitro FX facilitates increased mental acuteness, raises your energy levels, supports the immune system and enhances cardiovascular and reproductive health.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme, meanwhile, is stronger than Kyani Nitro FX and has the added benefit of providing the body with maximum energy thanks to the minerals magnesium, chromium, zinc and niacin.

Both Kyani Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme are available in 56 ml sizes.  Choose either of the two and take a few drops in the morning as well as in the evening.

All these products are effective in boosting physical and mental health, plus they’re composed of natural ingredients.  Like any supplement or medication, however, be sure to follow the directions on the bottle on how and when to take the product.  Also, if you’re pregnant or if you have any special conditions or serious health concerns, be sure to check with your doctor if this product is safe for you.

Are Kyani Products Overpriced?

The problem with many health companies in the network marketing industry is that the products that they sell are being created everywhere and can be found at much cheaper prices. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but this can put some people off of joining the business. The truth is, there are countless testimonials as to the Kyani product range and furthermore, people are infinitely more likely to buy a product from someone they trust, than from a normal retail chain. So, if the products have a track record of success and are being offered by a friend or family member, would you try it at least once?

Kyani Pros

  • They have quite a complex commission plan that’s aimed to bring HUGE rewards to sellers who stick to the system and put in the work required (nothing comes for free in life!).
  • Kyani products can sell themselves to buyers who really need them.
  • People who buy Kyani often become distributors because the products has helped them dramatically and their passion is contagious.
  • The product name is not incredibly well known just yet and gives the opportunity to jump in at the top of rapidly growing levels.
  • The company, although relatively new to Australia, has got off to an excellent start and has the foundation for future success in place.
  • The compensation plan is geared toward the distributor. Product prices are sufficiently price to enable Kyani wants to pay distributors well.

Kyani Cons

  • It can cost up to $1,300 AUD to gain access to their full level marketing materials.
  • The company has been active since 2005 and is still not a household name (though you could see this as an opportunity rather than a negative)
  • Their compensation plan is weighted toward certain products and the more valuable packages pay less.
  • Many distributors do not make a significant profit, so be aware that the rewards come from action.

There are several other companies that offer a much greater opportunity on the surface. However, all is not always what it seems so be sure to due your research and ask current Kyani distributors about their honest experience with the business.

What Is The Kyani Dream Car Program?


One of the most appealing aspects of the Kyani business opportunity in Australia is the presence of the Dream Car Program. The program has conditions attached to it whereby Representatives that qualify at a certain level of achievement in the business can qualify for a program where Kyani distributors receive compensation that can be offset against a car repayment! This is certainly one of the aspects of the business that it could be worthwhile asking a Kyani Representative about when you’re clarifying the best aspects of the business.

Kyani Pyramid Scheme

Is it a scam? No. Should aspiring independent business owners be excited to join? For sure. It is not impossible to earn a very comfortable living from Kyani but it takes time and resources to reach a level that will allow distributors to support a family. The most successful distributors are spending time and energy to grow their business and you should expect to do the same.

Get More Information

We are not involved with Kyani here at Network Marketing Watch, but we certainly do believe the opportunity warrants further research if you are someone looking to get started on a business like this – there are many success stories so why not you?

Given the high level of interest in Kyani, we have found a contact from the business where our readers can find out more information. The representative happens to be one of the highest ranked individuals in Australia and knows all the ins and outs of the business. Simply leave a message in the contact form below he will respond to you within 48 hours or less!

It Works Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

It Works has rapidly been taking over the health and wellness scene with its modern products and huge following. Most, if not all of It Works independents started out by taking a shot and purchasing a product that their friends said produced amazing results. With extravagant testimonials and ‘party’ videos all over their website, they are trying to prove that its distributors are living the lives they have always dreamed of. It is just one of the companies however promising these kinds of results for both clients and distributors. Is it all just some big marketing ploy though, or is It Works the real deal?

It Works Australia Review

Have you tried the crazy wrap thing?

Like so many others, It Works practices network marketing. This in itself could set off some alarm bells, as some of the biggest scams in the industry evolve around these kinds of marketing techniques. Due diligence is needed. There are a few HUGE differences though. For example, buying any of their products is as easy as visiting their online shop.  Many other businesses like to keep their goods on available through a distributor or independent business owner. Since launching their online store though, It Works has experienced a 1000% increase in revenue. With numbers like that, it is hard to deny that their products are great, otherwise people would not be so inclined to jump in.

It Works Products Review

It Works Wraps

The health and wellness company typically sells body creams, gels, consumables, and it works wraps all aimed at give the buyer smoother, younger skin, and eliminating fat. It Works’ supplements are even known to help strengthen, lengthen, and regrow head hair. If these products work as well as the company claims they do, it is no wonder so many users are making the transition from consumer to distributor. But is it worth it and what can distributors expect when they decide to work with the business?

It Works Pros

  • Distributors can sell ANY It Works product and earn immediate commissions.
  • The company has recently reached over $200 million USD in revenue meaning that people are making a LOT of money.
  • These products a generally geared toward people who believe in them, so promoting them is fun and entertaining.
  • It Works distributors have access to the information of all other suppliers in their area for market and competition research.
  • Parties! One of their biggest marketing tools is the presentation of products through parties.

It Works Cons

  • It is at minimum $110 AUD/month to maintain an active distributor status.
  • The growth of It Works has started to decrease, probably because there are so many people diving into something they love.
  • It is strictly a ‘get what you put into it’ program, meaning you will have to invest considerable amounts of time and energy before you reach financial worth.
  • There are similar products in tanning salons and at local pharmacies that claim to do the same thing for much cheaper.

It Works is one of those business where the best distributors are individuals who have been using the products for lengthy periods of time and eventually have built a strong sales team. To do really well, independant business operators suggest using the products for a period of time before ultimately deciding to take the business leap. While this can be considered a ploy make potential distributors pay a lot of money upfront, it is definitely a good thing to known every in and out about the products sold. It will also prevent those not liking the products from making the wrong choice in investing to become a distributor.

Final Thoughts

Is it a scam? Nope. Is there something similar that is structured better? Not for these types of products. If distributors are self-motivated, constantly sharing their business, and do not mind the time that it will take to build a solid income, It Works is perfect! The biggest difference between this company and other network marketing businesses is that most representative are actively using and discovering the new products themselves. The best thing, and possibly the worst thing, is that sellers need to have patience and passion for what they are doing. That is always the case when starting a new business, so for those who have a specific interest for the market that It Works services, it can be a legitimate opportunity which will jumpstart a long and prosperous career making money doing what you like.

ACN Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Joining ACN looks like an interesting opportunity to get a head start as a business owner, without having to come up with one’s own product. Starting a career as an independent business owner, however, can be a bit frightening. People who find themselves trusting and at the mercy of a parent company put themselves in very vulnerable situations. It is definitely one of those high risk, high reward things that mom and dad were always warning them about. They did not listen though, and the appeal of being their own boss, controlling their income, and financial freedom was irresistible.

The IBOs at ACN are no different and have shared enough to help determine if this company is a legitimate opportunity or just another affiliate scam. It can be hard to decide if an opportunity like this is just that: a legitimate opportunity, or if it is just some ploy to scam unknowing people desperate to get started on their own business. This ACN review will discuss the particulars of ACN’s business model, some of the positive points and negative points, and if one should pursue a career as an ACN representative. Is it a legitimate money earning opportunity?

ACN Pacific Review

What Does ACN Do?

When it comes to the future of telecommunications, ACN is well prepared. They provide services internationally that are found in almost every household like high speed internet, phone and mobile services, security systems, tech support, and even TV packages. Sticking to their promoted business model, they contract with independents to sell services for them. Essentially, they are just a middleman providing some marketing content and collecting fat paychecks.

They are doing something right though because they have generated over half a billion dollars in revenue. When they enlist someone as salesperson, they are solidifying a personal experience because each IBO is creating value for customers and delivering exactly what is needed. The problem is, they receive all of the credit. Like most network marketing based companies, they have an extensive level-based payment program that has many benefits, but can also burn a ton of time and resources if you are unsuccessful. A good look at the pros and cons of this program will make things more clear:

Benefits of Joining ACN

  • The product and services that are being sold are used in almost every household making them a need more than a desire.
  • They provide IBO marketing tools and support that helps in the acquisition of new customers.
  • Their payment scale increases drastically when more members are added to a sales team.
  • The average full time ACN representative earns about $15,000 AUD/month.
  • The company is always advancing and keeps services and packages at the highest level providing IBOs the best sales opportunities.

ACN Cons

  • ACN Cost – It’s $690 AUD just to apply to the program and then $14 AUD per month.
  • The market for these services is incredibly saturated and would require some extensive marketing knowledge and creativity.
  • Full time income does not usually occur until a team of 20 people has been established.
  • The average price of service is $52 AUD and commission is not discussed until an application has been submitted to ACN.

There are several great things about ACN, but an extreme level of commitment and larger than normal investment is required. This leaves most self-employment seekers asking the question, “Why would they charge to sell if they are that confident in their business?” The company publicly claims that their prices are strictly a way of weeding out the less motivated and acquiring the serious. There is some merit to that thought. Getting something for free turns it into being of less value, and the upfront payment helps with the motivation to pull through.


Is it a scam? No. Are there better IBO opportunities? Definitely. However, if a representative can commit themselves to a long term goal and work hard to meet financial objectives, ACN can be incredibly lucrative. As said before, the average full time IBO is earning about $15,000 AUD/month. Granted at this point they have acquired a team of about 250 people each selling about 20 of the standard services per month. ACN can be considered to be a legitimate opportunity, however operating in a saturated market. It is definitely a good idea to take a look at other opportunities in the Australian market, but one could do worse than joining ACN.

Party Plan Business Opportunities

If you always loved throwing themed birthday parties for your kids or you’ve helped several friends plan their big celebrations—whether they were Christmas parties, birthday parties or weddings—you might want to consider starting a party planning business. There are two ways you can do this: partner up with a company that throws themed parties and become a representative, or plan the parties yourself and use a network of vendors to make them happen.

Partner Up!

Unless you already happen to know a lot of musicians, décor artists and other talented people who can help you throw excellent parties for an affordable price, this is the easier way to go. Many companies have started selling their products through themed parties, including Tupperware and Lego.

Ask other party planning consultants what companies they enjoy working with. If you don’t know any party planning consultants you can find them on an online forum like You can also ask on Yahoo Answers or similar sites.

Make sure you check out any companies you’re not familiar with before you agree to represent them. It’s important that you believe in what you’re selling and equally important to be selling quality products if you want your business to grow. Purchase a test product if you’ve never used them before and if possible try to attend a couple parties thrown by the company you’re considering partnering with.

You want to learn as much as you can about the company’s compensation plan before you sign up. If you’re considering a couple different companies compare reviews from actual associates as well as the compensation plans. The best compensation plan won’t do you any good if you’re selling crappy products, but if products are otherwise equal or at least similar you want to go for the better compensation plan.

Here are some questions to ask before you sign up:

  • What is the cost to start? And what is included in that cost?
  • What are sales figures like across the country(not just top sellers)?
  • What percentage do starting consultants make from sales?
  • How does commission work for online orders?
  • What extra incentives are provided?
  • What are the sales tax requirements?
  • What is included in the training?
  • Do you receive ongoing one-on-one sales mentorship? From who?
  • How much of a support culture exists? Is there a members-only forum? Offline meetups? This community is crucial both to being successful and to enjoying your party planning business
  • Does the company allow returns? What does the return policy look like?
  • Are there any exit costs when you want to leave the company?
  • What are some of the most commonly asked questions by new representatives? (This is a great way to find out about any weird procedures the company has in place)
  • How many other party planning consultants for this company work in your area? If there are a lot of local consultants the area might already be over saturated.

Once you’ve signed up, get to know your team and who you can rely on for support. Corporate support makes all the difference in this kind of business. Figure out who you can ask questions, who can help you with different things, what packages are the most popular, etc. as quickly as you can.

Some things to remember about partnerships:

  • You can partner with multiple companies but it’s not generally ideal. The exception might be if you choose one company to pitch to adults and one to pitch for kids’ parties
  • Some companies require you to deliver all the materials yourself. This can quickly eat up all your time and profit, so try to work with companies that can deliver materials to the host’s house directly. This makes it easier to scale your business and sell to people further away
  • Many party planning companies require payment up front. Make sure you know when payment is due and that you make it clear to all customers

Do it on your own

Starting a party planning business without the direct support of one of these companies is possible, but it is much more difficult. To be successful you should focus on a specific type of party, whether it’s birthday parties, corporate parties or parties with a specific theme like Lego or science fiction.

In order to start a successful party planning business you need to either a) be crafty enough to make all the décor and themed materials yourself or b) have a talented network of people willing to help you for an affordable fee.

This is usually only a successful strategy if you’ve already worked for a party planning company or you have the resources to pour full time hours into your business for the first several months as you build yourself up. The main advantages are that you get complete control over what comes in the party packages you create and you get to keep all the profit. Still, for most people this simply isn’t a viable option.

Some things to consider about doing it on your own:

  • You will have to work a lot harder to build a reputation because you won’t be able to rely on a partner company’s reputation
  • The extra time to create decorations, loot bags and activities will add up quickly
  • You will have to deliver everything yourself
  • You won’t receive any training or corporate support

Final Thoughts

Starting a party planning business can be thrilling, but it is still hard work, just like starting any other business. Here are a few tips to get you started, with or without a partnership:

  • Try to book parties for as many friends and family members as possible in the first 2-3 weeks. This will give you the courage to keep going and allow you to appear more established when pitching new people
  • Decide in advance how much time you’ll spend on the business and during what times so it doesn’t take over your life
  • Practice your sales pitch in the mirror and with honest friends who can give you feedback. You might never be fully comfortable pitching but you should at least have a pitch memorized

Good luck with your party planning business!

Isagenix Review

Isagenix is one of the lesser known but still quite successful network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) companies in the world. They offer a variety of products designed to help people improve their health, including a variety of nutrient shakes, protein powders and energy bars.

Founded in 2002, Isagenix is one of the few large and successful network marketing companies actually based in Australia. They currently operate almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

Isagenix Products

Isagenix offers a number of different product lines aimed to improve different areas of your health, including weight loss, energy and performance, healthy aging and general daily health.

Isagenix Weight Loss Products

Isagenix offers two nutritional cleansing programs, one nine day program and one 30 day program. They also offer a 30-day starter pack and a healthy maintenance program which contains a range of Isagenix products specifically designed to make you feel better from day to day and keep the weight off.

Isagenix Energy and Performance Products

Isagenix sells two different packages designed to help you increase your energy, the Energy and Performance President’s Pak and the Energy and Performance Pro Pak. They also sell their performance enhancing products individually. These include the e+Shot, a supplement derived from green tea and verba mate, and IsaPro Whey Protein, which contains 27 grams of protein per serving.

Isagenix Healthy Aging Products

This line of products includes the Healthy Aging Pak, the Youthful Aging Pak and the Product B™ IsaGenesis™ President’s Pak and the unique IsaGenesis™ supplement which is designed to reduce oxidative stress. This lengthens the life of telomeres which is supposed to lengthen the life of individual cells.

Isagenix General Health Products

The general daily health line consists primarily of the Isagenix Essentials for Men and Women, a pair of multivitamins. Both multivitamins also include enzymes which maximize the absorption of nutrients from food. Isagenix also offers Isagenix Greens, a mixture of dehydrated superfoods you can add to anything to give yourself an energy boost.

Isagenix Compensation Plan

How do Isagenix representatives get paid?

Isagenix offers a compensation plan similar to other MLM companies with six ways to earn money:

  1. Retail sales you receive up to 30% of the profit on all sales
  2. Product introduction bonus you receive a bonus every time you sign up a new representative
  3. Product introduction pak bonus when you personally enrol someone as an associate and they purchase a product information pak at the time of sign up you get an extra bonus
  4. Autoship rewards If you maintain an autoship order you will get steeper discounts on products and qualify for other incentives
  5. Team bonus If you can build two teams you will receive team bonuses every “Cycle”
  6. 10% Matching team bonus once you’re managing 10 or more product representatives you will receive a 10% matching bonus generated each cycle based on the income of all the Consultants, Managers, Directors and Executives you personally enrolled.

Isagenix Cost

The actual membership fee for Isagenix is an annual $29. This means it’s a lower initial startup fee than many comparative businesses, but over the years this cost can add up and not really be worth it if you’re not successful with Isagenix. You will also have to buy a product pack. There are a couple different product packs but altogether you can get started for less than $300.

Isagenix Scam

Wondering if Isagenix is just one big scam? Have you been approached about the opportunity and told that maybe is is the Isagenix pyramid scheme? Selling Isagenix is not an easy way to make money but it is a viable business if you’re willing to put in the time and hard work. Isagenix is a relatively new MLM company with less of a reputation than some of its competitors such as Herbalife, so you will have to do all the sales work yourself instead of relying on a brand’s reputation.

Network marketing is often pitched as an easy way to make money—”all you have to do is talk to people”, they tell you—but it’s actually incredibly difficult, especially if you’re not particularly outgoing. Most people make only a paltry sum during their first few months as a network marketer and it’s easy to be discouraged in this line of work.

If you suffer from anxiety, don’t enjoy regularly meeting new people, or only have a few hours here and there to contribute, Isagenix is not the business for you. Even outgoing people who have the time and energy to really build a MLM business struggle and fail if they don’t have direct marketing experience.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of direct marketing experience, you love people, and you can afford to pour a lot of time into setting up your Isagenix business, this opportunity can provide you with unlimited income.

Herbalife Review

Herbalife Review

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, Herbalife is a network marketing company dedicated to selling a range of nutritional supplements and personal care products. Herbalife has since become one of the most popular and well respected direct marketing companies in the world, with over 2.3 million members and a wide variety of products.

Herbalife products are created by teams of experts with the goal of helping people lose weight and become healthier. The recent health craze pushed Herbalife up to a whopping $3.5 billion dollars in sales in 2011 and the company has been growing steadily since.

Herbalife Products

Do Herbalife products work? Herbalife is best known for its nutritional supplements and protein powders. They offer three programs for people at various levels of fitness as well as product lines dedicated to specific health concerns like weight loss and getting into shape. These include a range of supplements and flavoured protein powders to make sure you actually enjoy getting healthy.

More recently Herbalife has produced three lines of skin care products: the Nourifusion line to nourish young skin, the Skin line to improve complexion and the Skin Activator line of products designed to reduce the visible effects of aging. They’ve also produced a special shampoo made out of all natural ingredients and designed to revitalize your hair.

Like any other personal care brand, Herbalife reviews are highly mixed, but those who like their products tend to swear by them.

Herbalife Compensation Plan

How does a Herbalife distributor get paid?

The Herbalife payment model resembles the model used by other network marketing companies: you get paid for sales, for recruiting people, and for the sales the people you recruit make.

What sets the Herbalife payment model apart from most other network marketing companies is the generosity of their offer: Herbalife distributors or “independent members” can get paid up to 73% of retail value on every sale they make.

The most successful Herbalife members can also become a “Rising Star” which enables them to attend events around the world and to earn vacations in some of the world’s top destinations.

Herbalife Cost

There are multiple levels of Herbalife membership you can sign up for. The smallest membership bundle costs around $60 and the largest costs around $120. This is a fairly average cost for setting up a network marketing business.

Is Herbalife a Scam?

Herbalife Pyramid Scheme?

Herbalife, like all multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing companies, is a viable business for a very specific type of person. While it’s completely fine and expected for the first few sales to be friends and family, to build a sustainable MLM business cold calling and other potentially uncomfortable marketing tactics are necessary. Even for outgoing people this business model can be intimidating if they don’t have any direct sales experience.

It isn’t easy to become wealthy through Herbalife—network marketing is actually one of the most difficult ways to earn money—but it is entirely possible. They do offer a much better compensation rate than many competing companies.

People with a lot of experience in direct sales will find it much easier to earn with Herbalife and can find themselves propelled through the ranks pretty quickly if they put in the hours at the beginning. However people who are looking for something they can earn through by putting in a couple hours here or there should look at other business opportunities.


  • Unlimited earning potential – you can earn as much as you are willing to work for
  • Supportive work environment – there is a strong online community and it is possible to receive training online or offline depending on where you live
  • Incentives – if you become highly successful you can receive up to 73% of the retail price for each sale you make AND earn vacations in top world destinations
  • Low startup cost – with a startup cost of less than $150, this is a very affordable business to get involved in and is therefore also low risk


  • Extremely difficult – once a distributor reaches the end of the list of people they know personally, it becomes difficult to continue building their business
  • Low initial earnings – many people who get involved in network marketing don’t see any substantial return for several months
  • Potential conflict – if there is already a distributor in your circle of friends or your neighbourhood they might see you as stepping on their toes

Herbalife Australia – Final Verdict

People who are willing to put in the time and energy required to do network marketing properly should seriously consider working with Herbalife. They are one of the better MLM companies out there.

People who are uncomfortable pitching or who only have a few hours to spare each week should consider something else, as setting up a MLM business is extremely time consuming.

Amway Review

Amway Review

Founded over 50 years ago, Amway (American Way) is one of the largest and most successful network marketing companies in the world. They sell a huge range of products but are best known for their health and beauty products.

In 2012 Amway was placed at number 25 on Forbes’ list of the largest private U.S. companies. That same year they recorded over $11 billion in sales. Amway currently has representatives all over the world.

Amway Products

Amway reviewsAmway focuses on eco-friendly items and sells hundreds of products, many of them from popular brands such as Legacy of Clean, Nutrilite, XS and Artistry. Product lines include air and water purifiers, jewelry, home care products, personal care products, electronics, cosmetics and even insurance.

This wide variety allows you to choose products you care about and are confident about selling. You can sell as many different products you want, so you’re never bound by what you initially choose to sell.

Amway top product

How do earn money in Amway

Amway’s pay structure is the same as most network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. Distributors get paid when they sell products, when they recruit new distributors and when the distributors they recruited make sales.

Amway representatives are initially recruited as Amway Ibos and must go through some basic training with their sponsors before they can start making money through Amway.

Amway Cost To Join

New Amway distributors can choose between two different starting packages: the regular Welcome Kit for $62 or the Welcome Product Kit for $83.99 which includes full size products and samples. Both kits come with step-by-step sales and recruiting instructions.

Is Amway a pyramid scheme?

Like most network marketing companies, Amway is only a viable business for a particular kind of person. In order to build a successful network marketing business a person needs to be outgoing, persuasive and willing to put in the time. While it is true that a successful network marketer can reach a point where they’re receiving considerable residual income from the people they’ve referred, this is only after recruiting and training several other distributors.

Amway does provide considerably more training than many of its competitors. They offer business and leadership courses to all their distributors as well as a support network of Amway IBO members. New distributors can choose between online or in-person training.

Many presenters wrongfully pitch Amway and other network marketing companies as an easy way to get rich, but this is not an easy business to build. The main advantage it has over other businesses is the low startup cost. Starting a business of any kind is risky, but setting up a business through Amway or another MLM company is extremely low-risk compared to renting your own brick-and-mortar store.

Outgoing people who are willing and able to put a considerable number of hours into recruiting new distributors and properly training their recruits can do extremely well in network marketing.

Amway products


  • Amway provides an incredibly supportive work environment with a strong online community
  • There’s an Amway app for easy business management and placing orders
  • Amway hosts business meetings and educational sessions in destination locations as an incentive for active participation
  • There are incentive trips and cash bonuses for success
  • It costs almost nothing to start an Amway business
  • The business is affordable to maintain
  • Amway operates all over the world, making this an easy business to travel with



  • People with no experience in direct sales often find this business model intimidating
  • For the first several months most people in a MLM company make little to no money
  • Many areas in the country already have someone selling Amway products, and this can lead to conflicts when a new distributor starts on someone else’s ‘turf’
  • Some of the products are overpriced
  • The business model is somewhat outdated compared to some newer MLM companies

Final Verdict

While Amway is definitely not a scam, it is an extremely tough business to get started in, especially for those who have never done direct marketing before. Making money in any network marketing business requires stepping outside the comfort zone to do cold calling and hard selling. The income potential with a company like Amway might be limitless, but in order to achieve limitless potential a distributor has to put in an incredible amount of effort.

Amway is ideal for people with a lot of marketing experience who are willing to put in the time and effort to build the income they want.